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She dreamed of big cities, fancy clothes and fine dining. I just wanted to drive my motorbike as fast as I could into the star-filled night. To feel the wind against my face and taste life as much as I could manage. We differed deeply in this general respect of desires. She came from a world that lacked these material niceties. I came from one that was drowning in them…

I impatiently awaited that moment of reconciliation. For that time of union between the past, present and the future. Always lingering in the shadows of my mind. Deeply aching and desirous. The moment where all that was, and all that is, and all that hasn’t yet been combines into the truth of “isness”, wholeness.

I suddenly snapped back to my reality and I knew that day that my motivations were wrong. That my intentions were skewed, corrupted by the past events that molded my deepest psychological desires. I looked deep within your eyes and saw how you longed for escape and felt all of your projections sweetly pushed into my pale blue eyes and I knew that I could never provide you with what you lusted for.