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It’s 3 in the morning and the night swirls by as I ride my bike down El Camitan. Prostitutes line the streets, sitting patiently on their motorcycles. Drunk Thai’s accelerate by and drunken westerners stumble down the sidewalks. I ride to clear my head. To reflect on the night, to reflect on my decisions, to reflect on my direction. Bob Proctor’s voice rings in my head. He advised me through a recorded video and told me to write down my life mission and goals on the back of a business card and keep it in my pocket at all times. A constant reminder of what I am working for and why getting there is so important. Having been away from home for so long, I never want to have to go back and work for someone else again. I’ve tasted the freedom that is possible and I am thirsty for it. The ideal life, if there is such a thing, is dancing around just beyond the reach of my fingertips. I put another failure into my pocket and keep riding forwards into the deep darkness of the night.