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I see something deeply sad when I look at all of the people on vacation, wandering around with their families… Maybe it’s something about the ephemeral nature of it all. The escape from every day life where you go to some novel place and walk around for a little while, or maybe even rent a bike for the day and ride around and try to fool yourself into feeling like you’re truly living this life. All the while, attemptingĀ to become more connected to your loved ones. You can see the isolation within most of these groups, quiet sitting at the restaurants, kids looking down at their phones, looking around in the hopes that something excited might happen to them at any moment. Most of the time they don’t even seem to speak to each other. But just walk around, maybe stopping by a place where some exotic animals are kept or walk around a mall and buy a bunch of things that they never needed in the first place to remind them of a time when they were doing something they deemed to be out of the ordinary. Throw that shit on your bookshelf so you can look back at it in 10 years and nostalgically break the silence at the dinner table and say, “remember that time we went to Thailand and that man almost hit us with his truck?” You can all laugh and feel connected at that moment. The illusion of liveliness. Never living within the actual moment, always reminiscing upon times past when you were reminiscing on times before that. Stuck within the spinning hamster wheel of conscious reality.

Maybe I’m just projecting some deep inner sadness of my own, who really knows anyways?