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Today is a tough day. I have been given work I am not yet capable of completing by my boss who has not given me proper instructions. I become frustrated and agitated and worried about where things are heading because my boss is heading back to Australia for a month, one week from now and I am not ready nor qualified to take on the bulk of his workload at this point in time. I grow angry and anxious and do not know exactly what to do to position myself for the future. I immediately realize that my backup plan is not sufficient and I have not put enough thought into what I will do if my current situation fails. My mind grows dark and am an addict who’s drug has been taken away from him. I have no work at the moment and don’t know how to occupy my mind without it. I could go out and party but I have grown weary of this kind of feeble entertainment. I suppose I will just throw a couple of beers at the problem and get back to it tomorrow. All I want to do is to keep working until I level up and am able to be location independent without having to rely on somebody else like i’m doing now.

An article I have opened from last night supplies me with the reading I need. And I remember again to trust that everything will be ok