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I bit the bullet, I made a commitment to record myself over the next 30 days as I attempt to achieve my goal of making $1,000. This goal was set so that I would hold myself accountable and act as a working case study of this digital nomad lifestyle and determine if it is something that anyone can achieve. I promised myself that I would be 100% true to my emotions and feelings and share whatever I felt each day on this journey.

Now I threw this journey up for all of the Facebook world to see. I decided that my time of hiding in the shadows is over. It’s time to begin building my online presence. I’ve been writing on this site for a while, hiding within obscurity, mostly writing in times of desolation, solitude and during feelings of loss. This has been an emotional outlet for me. My 7 viewers and I have built a nice and secretive relationship. They don’t tell me they are reading my posts and I act like I haven’t posted anything and just continue living my life.

These days are over. I am not afraid of judgement, I am not afraid of persecution, I am not afraid of being raw and real in front of the world. We all wear our masks and I want to pierce through these masks to touch upon something that is true and vulnerable. We are all humans and underneath all of the layers we have built up over the years, we share many qualities.

Join me on the journey.