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The demons rise and cast their shadows upon thee. Children of the night, rise up and scream, burn burn burn, into the night, burn like you’ve never burned before. Release everything and burn for all that is wrong in the world. Burn for all that is wrong and then you can help add to all that is right. Don’t shrink down. Don’t run away. Do not fear the darkness, because it is in the darkness where you will be born again.

Today, my heart is broken for humanity. For that girl with lustful eyes and a baby at home, the one who goes out to the party area where all the foreigners go every week. Just to sit and look their way as they get wasted off of their asses and jump around like buffoons… because she likes “watching them”. For that man who’s been screwed over time and time again and doesn’t see the reason or have the energy left to keep fighting. For the relationships that are destined to die, for the families that cannot connect with one another, for all of those who have lost their meaning and drive in life. For the abandoned and abused, the mistreated and mislead, the drug-ridden bum rotting away in the park night after night. For the first girl who ever loved him, for all of the broken hearts out there that haven’t had a chance to heal. For the lost and confused, the bewildered and misconfigured, the deranged and estranged. My heart is broken for all of humanity today, and all I can do is attempt to poor my guts out onto this page before I shrink away into the demented terror of the night.