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I spoke too soon, I became cocky too early, I put too much trust in a arrangement that was and will be fully outside of my control. I mock myself now “oh yeah oh yeah, it’s been so easy to get involved in this digital nomad life, you just work work blah blah blah..”. Now, here I am, back at ground zero. I still have some money, maybe a bit less then I did a month ago. But I need to try different ways to learn how to make this lifestyle work. Today is one of those days when the world comes crashing down on you and you feel like complete and utter shit and you can either lay there in your bed all day wallowing in self-pity, or get out there in the world and keep fighting.

Sure, maybe I layed in my bed for a while this morning after my boss told me that my work was “the worst data entry job [he’s] ever seen”… and yeah, when his wife snapped at me over skype for attempting to contact her (again) about a project that i’ve put a lot of mental energy into, I felt this deep hole in my belly of unhappy truth bubbling up… So, yeah… I laid in my bed for a while, I didn’t want to get up, I invited a girl over and she never showed up and I just slept for a while…sure… but once I got up and went out into the world, I realized that everything right now, is still okay. I know that I will figure this whole thing out. Or, worst case scenario… I’ll go back to the states and make it work somehow there.

Today is a day to breathe and feel safe knowing that everything will be okay.