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Today and this past week I have been focused on planning out my days. Creating a checklist of things that contribute to my overall happiness, well-being and productivity, writing them all down on a sheet of paper and attributing points to each item. At the end of each day, I go through and I tally up all of my points for the day. The plan is to continue working towards perfection ,and once perfection is achieved, make the rules a bit harder. Continuously push myself further and further towards achieving my goals.

Another trick I have just begin using, was recommended by Bob Proctor in his course “Thinking Into Results”. He says to write down your limiting thoughts. Write down the thoughts that are holding you back, truthfully, in detail, as you feel them. Then on another piece of paper, write down the exact opposite of these thoughts, the polar opposite.

Now, go and burn the paper with the negative thoughts, take a lighter and actually burn it. Then, designate 30 minutes of your time each day to writing down the new mindset over and over and over again. Spend this time writing this new mindset and also doing some of his other techniques for reprogramming your mind. The idea is to overcome all of these limiting beliefs, these things that we have been told over and over against since we were children. Reprogram that shit into some positive thinking.


One quote in particular struck me today, “You cannot expect to get to second base without taking your foot off of first.”.

This quote really resonated with me because I realized I was doing just that. I have an idea in mind for a business, but I keep straddling onto the safety and security of doing nothing because as long as I do nothing I can’t possibly fail. This will not be true for much longer though, I am running out of money and I must take action soon. The clock is ticking and I am in the final quarter. It’s time to sink or swim and I choose swim. The freedom that lies on the other side of this journey is something that I thirst for more then I have ever thirsted for anything in my entire life. I will do anything to achieve it.