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With all the dead websites lingering out there, you might think that it is a hopeless land, a battlefield. Pixelated blood forms rivers beneath the soles of your feet. You look around and see nothing but desolation. You remember a time before where you saw all of these people on their computers, it must have been thousands of them, they must be doing something worth doing, they were glued to their seats and there eyes fixed upon their screens.

You browse through the endless depths of the internet and can easily see success on the surface, but the crevices are filled with corpses. You spend endless hours and days building up the machine that is supposed to give you security, but the road you walk down is heavily treaded, and you find yourself unsure if you made a wrong turn somewhere on this long and confusing road. You think back and have a vague recollection of a time when there were cries of freedom and songs and laughter. Now you just sit in front of a screen trying to build that freedom for the future. A voice begs the question of whether you are wasting away your golden years. Simon & Garfunkle’s “America” begins to swoon in your headphones and you feel the ache lying deep within your heart lift you out of your chair and up into the stars.